Four Clips from ‘The Spy Next Door’


Regularly, some action stars divert their attention from their action genre, and pursue a more challenging and perhaps more difficult genre to merge into: kids movies. Believe me, it is not easy to win children over. I used to think it was, until I had my own. It is so hard, that at times, film makers push the limits of the movies too far, making them too violent or tense for kids, but they do this to lure older audiences as well.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tried this with “Kindergarten Cop,” and I still remember all the mothers complaining about how it should not have been geared toward children because of its content. Stallone tried it with “Over the Top,” and people just mocked it, (although I enjoyed it). Vin Diesel tried it as well with “The Pacifier,” which I have never watched, (might be good) and neither have my friends (probably not, then). Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently had a go at it with “The Game Plan,” and my wife liked this one more than my kids, I wonder why this is?

After mentioning these actions stars, old and new, this brings us to the movie trailer we bring to you today, “The Spy Next Door.” It stars Jackie Chan, and he seems to have his hands full. I believe that Chan is one of the most famous and recognizable stars on earth. He, Schwarzenegger and Stallone would probably be recognized in any corner of the globe should you pull out a picture of then at random. I love it when I see documentaries of third world countries and there are little kids (and adults) running around wearing “Rocky” T-shirts. Yes, that’s when you know you are famous. I have followed Chan’s carrer with great admiration and expectation.

Here, with “The Spy Next Door,” Chan is attempting to reach out to the kids. The movie, in this case, is geared toward the whole family as well, they’ve brought in various comedians, as well as the father of kids’ favorite at this time, Miley Cyrus.

The setup is the same — the super-spy that can handle evil terrorist organizations and can outsmart and defeat criminals and villains is now facing his greatest challenge yet: babysitting. In my opinion, these are fun clips that put our hero in those old and new situations we always enjoy watching him get out of.

“The Spy Next Door” — which stars Chan, Amber Valleta, Billy Ray Cyrus and George Lopez — kicks off its theatrical run Jan. 15.

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  1. Cam Smith #

    Huh. Someone sure can’t direct action to save their life…

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