A Teaser from ‘The Smurfs’


It’s always a risky proposition revamping any childhood staple. Nostalgia may sell tickets, but it doesn’t mean that the movie-goers will be as happy with the experience as they were in their childhood. With any luck, though, the franchise will become popular once more and a new generation will have the same childhood staple.

Enter “The Smurfs.” The ’80s cartoon that ran for eight years is being made into a live-action film. The teaser below isn’t forthcoming with plot details. It spends most of its time “smurfing” some of the most epic places with a booming voice over suggesting high importance. Finally at the end, we get to see a little smurf action, though don’t ask me to name the smurfs that pop up (“The Smurfs” weren’t part of my childhood).

The internet has been abuzz for months about the revamp. Most of what I’ve seen is excitement instead of skepticism. With such a great cast I can’t help but be excited as well. Less excitable, however, is the 3D factor which will jack up the ticket prices and could lead to some hokey moments where the movie has to prove to you it’s 3D.

“The Smurfs” will hit theatres next summer. It stars Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria, and the voice talents of George Lopez, Paul Reubens, Alan Cummings, Katy Perry and many more.

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