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Under Review: ‘The Smurfs’

— by LYNN TACKITT — When my kids were small, they watched “The Smurfs” on Saturday mornings. They thought they were cute and knew all the characters by name and their traits. I was more of a Bugs Bunny girl, so I didn’t follow them as closely as my kids did[...]

A Teaser from ‘The Smurfs’

— by ALLISON HIGGINBOTHAM — It’s always a risky proposition revamping any childhood staple. Nostalgia may sell tickets, but it doesn’t mean that the movie-goers will be as happy with the experience as they were in their childhood. With any luck, though, the franchise will become popu[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Life During Wartime’

— by ROB COX — “Life During Wartime” is an upcoming dramedy from director Todd Solondz. There’s not much in this two-minute clip in the way of plot specifics, but there’s certainly some witty dialogue. The clip starts out on a high note — “Well, I see [...]