Are Viggo Mortensen and Kevin Costner Joining Superman?


There hasn’t been any concrete casting news since Henry Cavill was named Superman, but it looks like the actors for two additional roles may have been revealed.

THR is reporting that Viggo Mortensen (“The Lord of the Rings” movies) is the frontrunner — or as sources have responded “a person of interest” — for the role of one of Superman’s most powerful villains, General Zod.

From what I remember, Zack Snyder said a couple of months ago that the villain would NOT be General Zod, so it’s difficult to say if this is a rumor or not but it would be interesting to see General Zod on the big screen again. If Zod would appear in the movie, then the rumor about Ursa being the female villain would make sense.

Even though I’m not against the idea of having General Zod as the villain for the reboot, I always thought that they would go with a villain that hasn’t been in the previous movies, like Brainiac for example (who has previously been played by James Marsters on “Smallville”). But as I previously mentioned, I’m not against the idea and my personal feeling about Mortensen as Zod is that he certainly looks intimidating enough and if he would get the role, I think he would do a great job.

Additionally, Latino Review is also reporting that Kevin Costner is being considered for the role of Superman’s Dad Jonathan Kent. When I look at Costner, I can see him as Jonathan. Just like Mortensen, Costner is a “person of interest,” but he is one of the actors that is seriously being talked about.

The Untitled Superman Reboot, starring Henry Cavill, is scheduled for a December 2012 release. In the meantime, discuss and leave your comments at the right. Are Mortensen and Costner right for the roles as General Zod and Pa Kent?

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    I think that even if they use a villain that has been seen in the past it will be ok since its Snyder and he will be doing things his own way, just as Nolan has done in the past few Batman films.

  2. moviefan #

    Costner I say would be a solid pa kent. He fits the bill perfect for it. As for viggo a very good actor and I would love to see him board the picture. As for the rumor he is up for zod, I don’t mind the character. Its a good one and if its the actual villain for film. I am sure nolans/goyer could make it different then donner’s take. Only thing I rather see a villain like metallo, brainiac, darkseid, etc….. that hasn’t had a crack in film yet.

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