‘Arrested Development’ Movie Script is ‘Halfway’ Done


Rumors of an “Arrested Development” movie have run rampant since the beloved but ratings-challenged TV show ended in 2006. The prospect of a movie was even teased in the series finale when Maeby (Alia Shawkat) pitches a television show based on the Bluth family story to Ron Howard, who replies “I don’t see it working as a series — maybe a movie.” But after years of little teases from the cast and crew, it seems that an “Arrested Development” movie might actually be on track.

It was announced back in 2008 that a movie was being set up at Fox Searchlight. Rumors abounded that Michael Cera was holding out on the project because of his budding movie career, while cast members like Jeffrey Tambor and Jason Bateman insisted the movie was a go. Since then, the all of the major cast members (Cera included) have said they would love to do the movie, but none of them seemed to know any details.

In late 2009, fans got their hopes up when Cera said he expected the movie would begin production in 2010, a start date that was reiterated by Will Arnett. But a few short months later, David Cross said he doubted the movie was ever going to happen. Talk of the movie quieted down a little, as fans like myself grew weary of the “are they or aren’t they” reports.

But finally, July 2010 has brought some real news regarding the film. Bateman told Diablo Cody on her Web talk show “Red Band Trailer” that he doubted creator Mitch Hurwitz, who will write and direct the movie, would have time to complete the script until his new show, “Wilde Kingdom,” was well into production (“Arrested Development” alumni Arnett and Cross star in that show).

But at the Television Critics Awards, Hurwitz confirmed that the script is actually halfway done. He told reporters, “Were writing it; we’re halfway through … The reason I’ve been so cagey is fans have been so [eager about it]. I really want to do it … It’s not going to be a big money maker … It’s going to be fun, like a family reunion. The only stumbling block could be scheduling. Everybody wants to play together.”

Hurwitz is right — scheduling could be a major challenge. For the most part, the cast of “Arrested Development” have gone on to have very successful and busy careers. I sincerely hope they’re able to make their schedules mesh, because I’m confident that with the original team in place, a big-screen Bluth family reunion would be hilarious. But coordinating the schedules of the nine-person ensemble could be a pretty huge undertaking. And an “Arrested Development” movie just wouldn’t be complete without appearances from some fan-favorite supporting characters such as Kitty, Barry Zuckerkorn, Ann, Lucille 2, Steve Holt and Annyong.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to finally hear some real news about the movie? Are you happy that Hurwitz and Co. are taking the Bluths to the big screen? And what should the plot of the movie be? Sound off in the comments section.

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