Ron Livingston Takes on Keyboard Cat


Since “Swingers” in 1996 and “Office Space” in 1999, I have been patiently waiting for Ron Livingston to turn into a star.

Since then, he has done some fine work, but he hasn’t garnered the necessary breakout role … until now.

Unless you don’t have access to the internet (and you do, of course, since you are reading this) you have no doubt heard of Keyboard Cat. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), Keyboard Cat is played out. So, as with all ideas in show business, it is time to recycle the idea and re-boot the series And who better to play the role in a reboot of the Keyboard Cat series than Ron Livingston?

Ron, it’s your time to shine once again.

(Oh, and Ron currently has a role in “Dinner for Schmucks,” now in theaters.)

And if you need a refresher, here’s the original:

. . .

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  1. Alexa M. #

    I think I love Ron Livingston even more now.

  2. Adam Poynter #

    LOL, What the Hell. This must have been in a moment of drunkness I imagine!

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