Batman Set to Face ‘The Red Hood’


According to Comics2Film at, the next DC Universe animated feature film project has been announced. To the surprise of very few, it is a Batman story. However, what is surprising is the story they chose.

Rumors had swirled about “Hush” or “The Long Halloween” getting the animated treatment, but Judd Winick’s story arc from Batman Nos. 635 to 641 got the nod.

According to Comics2Film, the story, which will be adapted by Winick, is as follows: The comics storyline features the return of the mysterious Batman villain, The Red Hood, which was originally the identity adopted by the Joker before he fell into a vat of chemicals and was transformed into the clown prince of crime. This new Red Hood rises up as an anti-hero in Gotham City, waging a violent war against the likes of the Joker and the Black Mask.

First up for the DC animated universe, though, is “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths,” which is due Feb. 23, 2010.

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  1. moviefan #

    i havent read the story myself. But i am curious to see how it turns out. Cant wait to see the next few DTVs, still hoping we get a solo flash one soon.

  2. Kat #


  3. Mike Yerkey #

    It’s an odd choice.

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