Batman: The Mock Knight


They say parody is the best form of flattery. If that’s the case than Batman…maybe more so than any other character, gets to feel the love quite often.

From past homages of nostalgia to the current trends on the Internet, get a load of just a handful of the standout Batman spoofs, riffs and parodies this side of Gotham City!


With the release of Christopher Nolan’s epic 2008 sequel, several fans felt that…for all the awesomeness and brilliance… “The Dark Knight” didn’t stand up as well as it should have in the plot department, and that many audiences were just too blinded by the film’s smash success to notice. In a comical semi-rap Alfred and the Joker work together to try and make sense of the film for their title character…which is put together and holds merit quite convincingly. Personally, I don’t find the film so complex that it gets confusing…but it’s complex enough to make the claims valid…and thus, make this joint funny as hell!



Directed by … Don Spencer
Written by … Bruce Morris and William J. Thutt
Based on the DC Comics Character Created by … Bob Kane and Bill Finger

Ross Bagdasarian Jr. … Alvin Seville/Simon Seville/Dave Seville (voice)
Janice Karman … Theodore Seville/Brittany Miller (voice)
Frank Welker … Additional Voices
Thomas H. Watkins … Additional Voices

Simon Seville … Brice Wayne/Batmunk
Alvin Seville … The Jokester
Brittany Miller … Micky Male
Theodore Seville … Happy the Butler

By the late ’80s, Alvin and the Chipmunks were arguably riding the peak of their success and soon enough a new cartoon series was conceived…out of a combination of desperation and a need to sustain relevance…with “Chipmunks Go to the Movies.” From “Star Wreck” to “Robomunk,” the episodes set out to playfully lampoon the box office juggernauts of the day…and Batman was no exception. Riffing on director Tim Burton’s 1989 blockbuster, “Batmunk” is one of the more coherent and charming installments of the series as it features wealthy toy inventor Brice Wayne (Simon), with the aid of faithful butler Happy (Theodore), battling both the curiosity of Chipmunk Quarterly reporter Micki Male (Brittany) and the antics of the Jokester (Alvin), as Batmunk. One of the best scenes early on features a Chipmunk rendition of Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” as Batmunk has a run-in with the Jokester’s henchmen. The only genuine issue I have, knowing that the piece was meant for children, is the handling of Happy. Man or Chipmunk, there’s just no way the loyal butler would ever have aspirations to put on the costume and be the masked hero himself…that contradicts his purpose in the scheme of things and it doesn’t really hold true, even as a parody, to the character of Alfred. That bit aside, I love “Batmunk.” It’s a fun and kitschy piece of fluff that, given the right mood, can be just as thrilling to the kid in all of us today. If anything, it’s a fond morsel of nostalgia…Just so long as you can get past those damn Chipmunk voices.


“Batman’s Gonna get Shot in the Face”

WARNING: The Following contains inappropriate language. Not safe for school or work…Watch at your own discretion.

Directed by … Larry Longstreth and Jacob Drake
Written by … Larry Longstreth and Clint George

Vince Bruno – Batman
Larry Longstreth – Superman
Clarissa Paciotti – Wonder Woman
Aaron Longstreth – The Flash
Clint George – Nightwing
Larry Longstreth – Robin
Rachel Belvin – Batgirl
Andy Gasper – Hawkman
Nick D’Amico – James Gordon

A hilarious animated riot overseen by internet animation guru Larry Longstreth (also check out his “Greatest Fan Film of ALL TIME”), “Batman’s Gonna Get Shot in the Face” is a crudely conceived but heartfelt gut-buster of a mockumentary that taps into the sidekick’s and Justice League’s true feelings about the caped crusader…featuring interviews with Batman himself as well as Nightwing, Robin, Oracle, Superman, Wonder Woman and most laughably outrageous…the Flash. Key moments definitely include Batman pulling a disappearing act on Commissioner Gordon…just to be found by Gordon huddled under his desk waiting for Jim to leave so he can make his exit. With its pitch-perfect voice cast and dry wit, it so perfectly encapsulates the grain of truth concerning the character…that several of his emotional hang-ups and angst are just tremendously absurd. From how long it takes to symbolically suit up in the costume to his obsession with taking in youngsters and training them to his constant need to intellectually upstage everyone, no stone in the Batcave is left unturned or unspoofed!



Written and Directed by … Gary Payton

Dan Feldmeier – Batman
Dusty Westbrooke – Robin
Bob Perry – Commissioner Gordon
Gary Payton – Bane
Rick Landaluce – Nightwing
Jessica Star – Catwoman
Mandy Link – Harly Quinn
Steve Payton – Street Thug

Just like “Batman’s Gonna Get Shot in the Face,” Gary Payton’s “Batfollies” is so ridiculously brilliant in its representation of Batman…using him as the butt of several cultural and social jokes. Looking devilishly dapper with his long, scraggly goatee, an overweight and lazy-ass dark knight (wonderfully played up by Dan Feldmeier) is presented in several vignettes that poke fun at Batman’s allies, his rogues, his gadgets and the sex lives of his partners…namely Nightwing, who…let’s just say…hits the Jergen’s WAY too often. Another great scene features Selina Kyle (Jessica Star) who informs Bruce of her current plans for the day (while writing ‘Kick Halle Berry’s ASS!’ in a day planner!). Even the “Knightfall” storyline gets lampooned when Bane (the writer/director himself) rolls into town…leading to Bruce’s concern that he name a successor…the one and only Adam West! (after Martha Stewart is vigorously declined of course). Great sense of humor pandering to the stylish roots of the 1966 TV series (they even get Bat-Hombre in there for god’s sake!), “Batfollies” is just too damn funny to ignore.


“The Dark Knight” – Interrogation Spoof

Given with much joy and acclaim to the masses by MonkeyandApple, a popular YouTube member, his overcooked and outrageous spoof of the infamous Interrogation scene between Batman and the Joker hits the nail right on the head…with its stab at Batman actor Christian Bale’s almost borderline-obnoxious approach to the voice of the caped crusader. There’s really not much more I can say so the video will have to speak for itself…watch out though, it might have a very severe case of throat cancer!



Equipped with a Batman costume, young Max begins to live out the fantasy of powerful and intimidation that the dark knight gets to enjoy in the comics and films. But things quickly escalate as the costume makes him think that he really IS Batman. The production isn’t flashy or whatnot…but who cares, this stuff’s GOLD! Best moment? Easily the end…in which Max is faced with his deadliest arch-rival. HAHAHAHAHA!!!


“Kid-Batman” The Sequel

The Dark Knight…and Funny Max…Returns! Stalking criminals through the suburbs, Max unleashes his deadly (or is that deadly hilarious) brand of vicious justice on his poor enemy…god love that kid! And after a nice quiet break for homemade cookies…well I won’t spoil it…it’s just too fantastic for words! Literally I almost needed a new change of pants…SEE IT!


And check out some of these doozies!


A hilarious spoof character from “The Tick” cartoon/live action series!

Dark Claw

What happens with you combine DC’s Dark Knight Detective with Marvel’s mutant death machine? This will give you an idea…from the short lived “Amalgam Comics” stunt of the ’90s…it’s Dark Claw!


I hope you enjoy these big bat laughs…on me!


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