Cinema 2010: Version IV


I don’t think 2010 will go down as the best movie year ever for very many people, but like all years, it had its movies and it had its moments.

And, as has happened in the past several years, creative people have taken to the web and created videos that capture many of the memorable moments from the movie year. For the rest of the year, I will put the best of these up for you to enjoy (and these are going up in no particular order).

The fourth one, which was posted by You Tube user oyguvaltshappy, is embedded below.

The song used is “A Dustland Fairytale” by The Killers.

Here is what oyguvaltshappy has to say about his video: This is the fifth video I have created in my “Cinescape” collection, a series which packs footage of the many films released in the past year into one video. I am a huge believer in the notion that while some films may be for adults and others for kids, and while some films may be of higher quality than those aimed at the lowest common denominator, escaping into the world of a film is a universal experience that we all crave, no matter who we are or how greatly our tastes differ. The goal of this video is to at least begin to capture the essence of what that lose-yourself-to-film feeling is like…and to show just how many kick-ass movies 2010 gave us (because it’s pretty easy to forget).

(For trivia buffs, the 2010 logo pictured is from the movie “2010” starring Roy Scheider.)

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