Cinema 2010: Version V


I don’t think 2010 will go down as the best movie year ever for very many people, but like all years, it had its movies and it had its moments.

And, as has happened in the past several years, creative people have taken to the web and created videos that capture many of the memorable moments from the movie year. For the rest of the year, I will put the best of these up for you to enjoy (and these are going up in no particular order).

The fifth one, which was posted by You Tube user keesvdijkhuizen, is embedded below.

Here is what keesvdijkhuizen has to say about his video: I purposely chose for a more personal approach this year, seeing as a lot of other editors were making their own film retrospective. Cinema 2010 is a lot darker and deeper than 2009 and even hints to situations in my own life a couple of times (like my fear of heights and me finishing high school). I hope people will enjoy it even though it’s a little more heavy than past years, but that was because this has been quite a heavy year for me.

(For trivia buffs, the 2010 logo pictured is from the movie “2010” starring Roy Scheider.)

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  1. Dani #

    It’s funny how these videos — if done well — can make the year seem better than it was.

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