Criterion’s The Gold Rush Restoration Demo


I am so glad so many classic movies are being remastered and restored back to health. Movies like Ben-Hur,” “Casablanca” and numerous Alfred Hitchcock classics have all been cleaned up and, perhaps, now they look even better than they did when they were originally released. This is mostly due to Blu-ray transfers and these high resolution televisions available to us today.

One recent example is Charlie Chaplin’s classic film “The Gold Rush,” which was recently taken through the painstaking process of restoration, and now looks better than ever.

The video below you will be given some details of the work that was put into the restoration of this classic masterpiece.

I think it looks better than when I first watched it, when my parents first watched it, and possible when my grandparents first watched it. What do you think?

The movie is already available to buy, but I thought this video was an excellent example of the hard work, commitment and love some of these classic are receiving and so richly deserve.

“The Gold Rush” (The Criterion Collection Blu-ray) is available in stores now. Click the Amazon link below for purchase information.

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