Dance Movies That Will Take You in Time

Even though we might not be able to kick a few moves ourselves, there are a number of Hollywood stars that can get to do that for us. We are still yet to come across an Australian online casino dance themed slot, but there are number of movies that can help compensate for that.

Here are some of the best movies that we have ever seen based on dancing.

“You Got Served”
Break dancing was one of the most popular dancing styles to be ever created. Now, people are slowly coming up with simpler and easier moves, but you can never completely phase out break dancing. And, it is definitely not one of the easiest as well, you will need flexibility and the talent. Omarion and Marcus Houston starred in this movie to prove that singing and acting were not their only talents. They can also dance up a storm as well.

“Stomp the Yard”
This is also another dance movie that was quite popular in this time. But, it has a cultural element to it as well that sets it apart from the rest. We are used to most movies being based on dancing in the streets or fancy star shows. But, this movie took it from the streets to college campus and have leroijohnny casino en ligne in between. Additionally, you will get to learn about and appreciate the whole concept of step dancing. And, if you are a big fan of Chris Brown, then you can get to see him bust up some of his popular dance moves alongside Columbus Short.

“Step Up”
There are a lot of sequels that emerged after the original Channing Tatum movie. But, each came with its own moves flavour and interesting story lines. The best part is that not only will you get to enjoy one, but there are three other movies that you can get to watch from this series. And, we know that you will get to love them all as well.

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