The Importance of Evoking Emotions in Movies

Movies and music are two forms of entertainment that are very good at evoking the emotions of the listener or the viewer.

Music – because it is able to speak to the person who is listening to the song. Movies – because they are able to tell a story that the viewer is able to connect to. However, there are movies as well as some songs and site de jeu en ligne that leave us felling blah, that are void of emotion. These movies rarely ever get a sequel and you will rarely find any praise for them. That is why today we want to look at the importance of evoking emotions in movies.

What makes emotions in movies important?
One would think that since movies are a form of entertainment, they should, well, be simple and entertaining without having to bring out any emotions. However, what makes movies stand apart and what movies separate from each other is the emotion that they are able to evoke.

Movies follow a certain plot or storyline, and with each scene that is played in the movie, there is way that you are meant to feel.

In order to feel that way, there are certain words that have to said, and music that has to be played – all of this with the aim to create great scenes, which in turn will result in great movies.

However, should movies be void of emotions, they leave the viewers feeling nothing, nothing to hold on to and nothing to make the film memorable.

When we talk of evoking emotions in movies, we are not only talking about love and hate, we are talking about laughter, anger, sadness, joy, relief and all the rest of the emotions that a human can possibly feel. A movie needs to be able to connect with a certain viewership, like how the best casino online games connect with their players. If it does not connect to anyone, then what is the purpose of that movie to begin with?

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