DC Comics’ ‘The Spectre’ To Get Adapted For TV


A few weeks back, it was reported by Deadline that Eric Kripke (creator of TV’s “Supernatural”) was going to develop DC Comics’ “Deadman” as a TV show — and now, it looks like Warner Bros. is pulling out another of its popular DC characters for the small screen: The Spectre.

Deadline is reporting that Fox is working on developing “The Spectre” (shown here to the right as drawn by the incredible Alex Ross) as a drama series.

Deadline posted the following short, but interesting, description of the project:

    “The Spectre,” which has received a script commitment, centers on a former cop serving time in afterlife limbo who hunts down earthly criminals on behalf of the dead — and mortals soon to be dead if ultimate justice is not served.

With the success “Smallville” had for the past 10 years, Warner Bros should really use DC Comics properties as the asset they are. I remember that The Spectre was briefly mentioned in the two-hour movie episode of “Smallville,” called “Absolute Justice,” where we got see him in the JSA painting and to be honest, ever since that episode I wondered what The Spectre would look like in live action. So getting to see him on the screen in his own show is definitely something that I will tune in for — in addition to “Deadman.”

“The Spectre” will be written and produced by Bill Gerber (“Gran Torino”) and Brandon Camp (“John Doe”) and as mentioned, adapted by Fox.

Stay tuned for more information and news about “The Spectre” and in the meantime, I want to hear your thoughts. Does “The Spectre” sound like a character you would like to see on a weekly basis? Who should play him, in your opinion? Let me know what you think by adding your comments to the right.

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  1. 1

    I could definitely see this working as a series.

  2. moviefan #

    Could be good I wish this and the deadman series the best of luck. Really would love to see more comicbook shows.

  3. t-musicale #

    excellent article.

  4. 4

    I can see this working out as a really great tv show. Lots of luck to both the series.

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