Kim Jong Il Documentary Available for Online Viewing

Following the news of the passing of North Korean dictator Kim Jong II, the award-winning and powerfully revealing feature-length documentary “Kimjongilia”, an unblinking indictment of life in North Korea under the dictatorship of the ruthless leader is available for viewing now via Documentary Channel’s website.

For almost two decades, the North Korean leader defied international leaders and terrorized the Korean people — in both the North and South — with surprise military attacks, unrestrained oppression and more, leaving the entire world uneasy with his regime’s nuclear ambition and inflammatory prose.

A film by N.C. Heikin, “Kimjongilia” is a searing examination of the totalitarian dictatorship established by Kim II-sung and continued by his son Kim Jong-II. The film dispels the illusion of a ‘Worker’s Paradise’ peddled by the North Korean government and exposes the lethal injustice and oppression of the entire nation under the family’s rule. Heikin compiles a series of extraordinary testimonies and stories of daring escapes, from concentration camp refugees, defectors and former Korean officers. The result is a collage of firsthand witness to the unrepentant pain caused by the tyrannical leadership. A shocking look at the truth behind the man who’s death now fills the headlines, “Kimjongilia” is an eye-opening work of documentary film that helps us all further understand the extreme impact of the current news – for both Korea and the world.

Documentary Channel is primarily available through satellite television services DISH Network (Channel 197) and DIRECTV (Channel 267).

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