Eight Clips From ‘The Blind Side’


Sandra Bullock was my favorite starlette for many years; yet, I miss her playing characters like the ones she did in “Speed,” “Demolition Man,” “While You Where Sleeping” and even “Love Potion No. 9.”

She has done other good movies (i.e.: “Miss Congeniality” and “Premonition”), but I never felt the Sandra that I love in he others. So yes, this brings us to her new movie: “The Blind Side.”

The clips below show various scenes for “The Blind Side.” In these, it seems we are getting a Sandra that I’ve never seen before and, at the same time, it’s like all her other characters combined.

These clips also set the story for us, but dont give away everything — even if we already know the outcome of the story. That’s what intrigues me about this movie, I believe this is Sandra’s first “based on a true story” movie.

Is this a sad movie, or a motivational success story? The story of Michael Oher is already well known, his success story is a very inspiring. But now, with this movie, we get to go behind the trials that the one time homeless, under-educated teenager had to endure, as well as the family that took him in.

In the clips below there are tender scenes, and funny ones. Yet, this movie is not a comedy, it is a very real portrayal of the unfortunate life many inherit and how others — the luckier ones — sometimes use their better fortune to help others.

“The Blind Side” was released Nov. 20.

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  1. mediumtuna #

    Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses since Demolition Man/Speed days. I will see anything she does. Very much looking forward to this movie!

  2. 2

    Yet another amazing review Josue. Keep up the great work. Look forward to reading more of your reviews.

  3. hatie123 #

    Awesome job one again. I saw some previews for this movie and it looks really good. I love Sandra Bullock and this movie will probably be one of her best.

  4. PattiD41 #

    Great job Josue! I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie. I love Sandra Bullock!

  5. Alexa M. #

    I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this. I really like Sandra Bullock and I’m glad to see her taking on some good roles again.

  6. Robert DeFeis #

    I think this movie looks very sincere and usually I don’t go to theaters for these kinds of movies, but I think I just might have to.

  7. Nadia #

    Great review Josue, again! lol Hey I love Sandra, and used to watch her movies often. Love “Miss Congeniality” lmao. I didnt know what she was doing. So i really appreciate your review and cant wait to watch this one. 😉

  8. Cam Smith #

    Sandra also did the “Based on a true story” thang in “Infamous” and “In Love And War”, I believe.

  9. Apple El #

    I’ve loved Sandra Bullock since Speed days and have followed most of her movies since then.
    Thanks Josue, for this review. As I don’t have a movie theatre close by, when I DO get a chance to go, I have to pick carefully, so in this case, I think I would wait to see this movie on DVD in the comfort of my own home, when it comes out! I’d probably choose to see Avatar at the movies instead!

  10. Josue #

    Cam, you are right!

  11. Cam Smith #

    Ah, my four favourite words.

    Just kidding, of course. Really entertaining article, Josue!

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