Sex and the City 2: Makeover Vignettes


With the release of “Sex and the City 2″ on blu-ray and dvd this week, I have to say I hope a third movie is made to close the series up the right way. The second movie was a big disappointment to the beloved television show and first movie.

Taking the girls out of New York and placing them in Abu Dhabi was bad idea. By and large, the scenes in Abu Dhabi were misguided and boring. I mean, really, what was up with the scene of Liza Minnelli singing Beyonce Knowles’ “Single Ladies”? That was laughable, and not in a good way. The thought of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) actually cheating on Big (Chris Noth) also was a terrible idea. After everything Carrie and Big had been through, fans know she would never do that, even if it was Aidan (John Corbett).

The show has often implied the fifth girl is the city – New York City. A third film could end the series the way it should – with the four girls in their high fashion outfits strolling the streets of New York City.

In the meantime, here is a look at four super fans who get “Sex and the City” makeovers.

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