Catherine Bell to Star in New ‘The Good Witch’ Movie

Catherine Bell has been both the officer and the lady, playing Lt. Colonel Sarah MacKenzie on the hit drama series “JAG” for eight seasons and also playing Denise Sherwood, the wife of an Army officer in Army Wives for nearly five years.

But Bell also has a burgeoning Hallmark Channel original movie franchise “The Good Witch.” The modern-day take on the “Bewitched” serial features Bell as Cassandra Nightingale, the is she — or isn’t she — a witch? artless innocent who raises the specter of magically impossible outcomes precisely when they are needed most.

“The Good Witch” movie franchise has been pure magic for Hallmark Channel which is about to launch production for a fourth installment with Bell this December. Bell enthusiastically agrees.

“I think we should figure out a way to make one or two of these movies every year; in fact, from the moment I read for the first one, I thought series, this is dependable, desirable series material. It would not be a leap for Hallmark Channel to take Cassie and her experiences, her family and her small town of zany characters and create a weekly series.

“For my part, if I was a magical being, I would wiggle my nose and fly,” Bell said. “I recently got my pilot’s license, because flying has been my passion for years. But, what a joy – and a convenience – it would be to just whisk myself from place to place. No more snarled traffic or car pools for me.”

In reality, Catherine and her husband, Adam Beason, figure car pools will be a way of life for a while as they welcomed baby boy Ronan, August 21, to join big sister Gemma. Though she has been a full-time mom since Ronan’s birth, Catherine will soon be shooting a Lifetime original movie in November, followed by the fourth “The Good Witch” movie in December.

In “The Good Witch’s Gift,” Cassandra is surprised when Jake asks for her hand in marriage. There’s just one catch: He wants a Christmas Eve wedding and the holiday is just one week away. This time, it may take more than a wink and nod to conjure up the perfect ceremony and a family that lives happily ever after.

“The Good Witch’s Gift” will premiere on the Hallmark Channel Nov. 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT.

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  1. Mark A. #

    I’ll see this.

  2. Gayle Barefoot #

    I love the good witch movies. It is a real feel good story. Please continue with them.