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Matt Damon returns to theaters next Friday in another Clint Eastwood film with “Hereafter.” Different than Eastwood’s last two dramatic and autobiographical pictures, “Changeling” and “Invictus,” the iconic director tries his hand at the supernatural. In “Hereafter,” Matt Damon portrays a simple man who can communicate with the afterlife. Already, the movie sounds a bit like the “Sixth Sense” and after watching the four released clips, I wonder if Peter Morgan had the M. Knight Shyamalan film in mind when he wrote the script.

“Hereafter” also stars Bryce Dallas Howard, who looks absolutely beautiful in the first clip. She attempts to ask Damon’s character George for a reading, but before she can get the question out, George says “no.” The reason? He doesn’t think it’s a good idea for a person to know everything about the other. Since Melanie is someone he is interested in, he doesn’t want to ruin what could be by finding out something he may not like. The chemistry between the pair evident, I want to know if George goes ahead with the reading at the sake of their relationship.

Damon is absent from the second clip, “Experienced Death.” Instead, we see Dr. Rousseau (Martha Keller) giving her opinion on near death experiences to a woman named Marie. From the exchange, I gathered Marie had one and is having difficulty coming to terms with it. To ease her mind, she simply wants another opinion from an objective professional. Perhaps Marie isn’t a believer in such things, which would explain why the doctor admits to being an Atheist. Even so, she can’t discount the dozens of similarities within each of her patient’s near death descriptions.

In “I Don’t Do That Any More,” a desperate older woman stands right outside George’s apartment. Blocking him from entering, she wants a reading. Like in the first clip with Melanie, he declines, but Candice continues. Pleading with him, she offers him money, everything she has, until George shuts the door on her. It’s an emotional exchange. Anguish apparent on both faces, but for different reasons, George doesn’t want to use his gift any more. Candice wants him to make an exception. I think he will.

The final clip, “It’s A Curse,” is between George and his confidant Billy (Jay Mohr). Amazing hair aside, Billy believes George should use his gift. Of course, George disagrees. Hindered by the power he possesses, he believes it’s a curse. Not much else is revealed during this exchange. Are the two close friends? Co-workers? One thing is certain, George would rather everyone forget he has this gift. It pains him to discuss it. Hopefully the film will go into further detail as to why this is.

There’s enough mystery in each clip to entice me to see this film. Plus, the overall tone is similar to that of Eastwood’s epic, “Mystic River,” a movie that still resonates to this day. An added bonus is this film opens next week during the spooky month of October, a time of the year when moviegoers desire to watch something eerie. Count me in as one of one of those.

Be sure to check in with me later this week when I post my review of “Hereafter,” which opens Oct. 22.

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  1. Ricky #

    Sounds great!

  2. Davis #

    Looks kind of boring, tbh.

  3. Pope.Benedikt #

    @ davis:


    looks really great! i simply don’t know, how eastwood manages to film one great movie after another… really astonishing!!

  4. Jorge #

    It’s a terrific film.

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