Four Clips from ‘Life as We Know It’


Katherine Heigl returns to familiar territory in her latest flick, “Life as We Know It.” Co-starring a very handsome Josh Duhamel, the movie is about two people who can’t stand each other. But a tragic event prompts both to put their grievances aside so that they can raise an adorable toddler named Sophie. Although this sounds like the makings of your typical romantic comedy, it isn’t. The gags aren’t as cheap and the film’s overall tone is pretty serious.

However, “Life as We Know It” is far from being a downer. The four released clips are indicative of this. Yet having seen the movie, I feel as if Warner Bros. could have selected better scenes as the ones chosen don’t properly convey how warm and funny the film is. In the first clip, Holly (Heigl) and Eric (Duhamel) learn their deceased loved ones appointed them guardian of their one-year-old daughter. Unfortunately the scene cuts off right before their reaction, as neither understands why relatives of the recently passed weren’t chosen as Sophie’s caretaker.

The second snippet is more along the lines of “Three Men And A Baby.” Having no parental experience whatsoever, when little Sophie becomes uncontrollable, Holly stops Eric from picking her up and decides to go the new-age route with “self soothing.” Comedy ensuing, that doesn’t work at all.

I disliked the third clip the most. Potty humor has been done to death, but apparently the writers didn’t think so. “It’s like Slumdog Millionaire in there.” I think I was supposed to chuckle at that line. Oh well, the baby is cute.

Last we have a date scene. After months of spending time together raising Sophie, as anyone can predict, when the doctor Holly’s been crazy about picks her up for dinner, Eric becomes jealous. Again the moment is cut too short, leaving out some of Duhamel’s best barbs and Heigl’s witty comebacks. At least the chemistry between the two leads is apparent. Chemistry that makes spending a couple hours in a theater worth it.

“Life as We Know It” opens Oct. 8.

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    I’m probably going to check this out.

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