Franco, Hathaway to Host Academy Awards


… and suddenly I’ve lost a bit of interest. Not that my attention hasn’t waned over the past few years. Due to the obvious politics surrounding the ceremony and who is deemed worthy of winning the prestigious statue, it most certainly has waned.

However, I’ve continued to tune in year after year, not just for the red carpet fashion, but for the surprise winners and, of course, memorable speeches. With movies such as “Black Swan,” “True Grit,” “127 Hours,” “The King’s Speech” and “Inception” (don’t count that one out just yet), this year’s award show proves to be an interesting one. Yet with this latest news, the building excitement I’ve had dropped a few notches.

James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Really? It’s become more and more obvious producers Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer are trying too hard to keep the Oscars relevant. Franco is pretty much a shoe-in for a Best Picture nomination and the buzz is good for Hathaway as well. Perhaps the suits are hoping a historical moment takes place come February. But at the price of dull? Sure, Franco and Hathaway may draw in the numbers, because let’s face it, everyone likes to watch a train wreck, but in so choosing these two young’ns, this could very well be the most boring Academy Awards ever.

Come to think of it, the more I ponder this, Colin Firth must be smiling somewhere because this revelation all but seals his win. And Natalie Portman better wear something from Gucci.

The 83rd Academy Awards air Feb. 27, 2011, on ABC.

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    makes me want to drink

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