‘G.I. Joe’ Sequel Gets Tentative Title, Shooting Location


Paramount Pictures is ramping up production on a sequel to the “G.I. Joe” movie released in 2009.

Tentatively titled “G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes” and directed by John Chu (“Step Up 3D,” “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never”), the movie is looking to begin shooting in New Orleans on Aug. 1.

Personally, I have pretty mixed feeling about the original. Both the story and the acting left something to be desired, yet I loved Rachel Nichols’ character. Her character really lit up the screen for me. Unfortunately, there is no word of her returning for the sequel. Instead what we are hearing is Channing Tatum will reprise his role as Capt. Duke Hauser, and Ray Park is on board as Snake Eyes.

Other actors missing from the list include Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dennis Quaid and Sienna Miller. Gordon-Levitt keeps getting bigger, Quaid has been pretty busy with other movies, but it seems Miller hasn’t done much since “G.I. Joe.” Is casting still on the way, or did most of the cast drop out of the sequel? Hopefully, we will know soon.

So now that we are all caught up on the “G.I. Joe” sequel news, what do you think? Are you a fan of the first one? Will the second on improve on the weaknesses of it’s predecessor?

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  1. Adam P #

    I am all in favor for a sequel if they take the time to do it right the second time around.

  2. Robert D. #

    I liked the first film and I think this one could be great.

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