‘Green Lantern’ Coming Into Focus?

— by CAM SMITH —

With the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and both Chris Cooper and Jackie Earle Haley currently being rumored to be frontrunners for the malevolent Sinestro, DC’s “Green Lantern” is, it seems, slowly beginning to take shape.

Though the production has yet to cast its rumored second villain Hector Hammond, or mentor Lantern Abin Sur, the resourceful pack of mad geniuses at Latino Review have thrown fans a bone as to who to expect to see filling Jordan’s lady-love Carol Ferris’ lovely shoes.

According to the site’s article, the choices as to who will play the fetching aerospace VP have been narrowed down to five capable, stunning actresses: “Alias” star Jennifer Garner; “Felicity” star Keri Russell; “Inglourious Basterdette” Diane Kruger; “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively; and “Casino Royale’s” Eva Green.






While it’s hard to get too riled up over the prospective hiring of any of the un-confirmed picks — love interest roles are too often treated as a necessary evil of the genre; necessary for hero character-building but absent from the really cool stuff — I’m going to throw my unconditional support Miss Green’s way. The actress has a fitting surname and has done great, emotionally honest and attractively sharp-witted work with director Martin Campbell in the past with “Royale.” I should also add that I consider any opportunity for seeing Green in a sexy dress projected onto a 40-foot screen to be a cause worth ardently fighting for.

Truthfully though, after running through this superhero movie gossip gamut so many times now, it’s becoming a tad stale to wait in rapturous anticipation to see which gifted, versatile actress will get the honor of cheering on the caped male avenger. Isn’t it time that we put the sins of “Catwoman” and “Elektra” — cruddy, lazy films with a barely a fraction of the budget and artistic resources behind them of your standard male-driven hero picture — behind us and send a message to Hollywood that the world is once again ready for a female-driven caped crusader extravaganza? The talent-pool is rich, let’s use it to its full potential!

In addition, according to Superhero Hype, the movie has added: cinematographer Dion Beebe, who won an Oscar for “Memoirs of a Geisha”; production designer Grant Major and costume designer Ngila Dickson, Oscar-winners for the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy; and art director François Audouy, who has done work on “Avatar,” “I Am Legend,” “Watchmen,” “Transformers” and the “Spider-Man” movies.

How do you guys feel about these choices? Are the ladies Carol Ferris-ian enough for your liking? And do you agree that it’s time for women to headline their own superhero summer juggernauts? Comment away!

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  1. H Solo #

    Nice update. The photos are great, too.

  2. Kat #

    My vote is for Keri Russell!

  3. Disco #

    Great picture of Ryan Reynolds.

  4. moviefan #

    Yea i cant wait to we have the whole cast set. The rumors the few weeks have been good. Plus there has been rumors production could be getting under way in a matter of weeks. If that is true then casting is probably nearly official and signed and all that. I cant wait to see who gets abin sur, hammond, and sinestro roles.

    As for the carol role out of the current 5 rumored folks. I am gunning for it to be eva/diane/keri for the role. I think they would work best with ryan and would fit what the character is. As for jennifer i do like her as an actress but i dont think doing another superhero role is the right thing for her career presently. As for blake lively i dont watch her CW show and i have no hate against her. But she is only 22 yrs old and just a bit young for the role and i dont think she would be the right match with ryan’s hal.

  5. Christine #

    Blake Lively can’t act. Garner or Russell would be great.

  6. Mariusz Zubrowski #

    My vote is for Diane Kruger.