Hear Ryan Reynolds Recite Green Lantern’s Oath


Early word seems to have “Green Lantern” winning the Comic-Con buzz war, and while we wait for the movie footage screened for attendees to appear online, you can hear below what very well may be the next best thing: Ryan Reynolds reciting the hero’s classic oath (via Screen Crave).

As for the footage from the teaser, Superhero Hype describes it as follows:

    “Welcome inhabitants of sector 2814. The Guardians have chosen you as candidates for enlistment but before you can be recruited, you must be tested. The light you see before you is controlled by your will. Focus on the light. If you will it, it will be. Now, focus.”

    That ball of green light continues to pulse and get larger and larger before it blasts the screen with a wave of green light.

    We then hear Reynolds’ voiceover saying the Green Lantern oath and a quick montage of footage cut together that went by very fast, including a close-up of Reynolds as Hal Jordan, his hand holding the ring, we see him in street clothes being pulled upwards and see a later scene in which he’s taking on criminals by using the ring to form a giant fist that throws a roundhouse punch knocking out a bunch of guys. We get a very brief glimpse of Hector Hammond and Tomar Re. (We presume that the voiceover was Abin Sur, but we’re not sure.)

    After the oath is done, we hear the original alien voiceover saying, “The choice has been made.”

    The light we saw earlier starts forming into the GL emblem and then we see the logo is “Await Further Contact Summer 2011.”

Directed by Martin Campbell, “Green Lantern” is due for release on June 17, 2011.

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  1. Bev #

    Fun article –
    The original oath:
    “…and I shall shed my light over dark evil.
    For the dark things cannot stand the light,
    The light of the Green Lantern!”

    What a prescient and motivating message the year before we entered WWII.

    I grew up with my mother telling me how her favorite character, created in 1940 by the way, was Alan Scott. When she went to college during WWII the favorite local tavern was named The Green Lantern. This extablishment in Walla Walla, WA, is still the favorite hang-out for Whitman College students as well as the most popular bar in Walla Walla County. Long live the Green Lantern!

  2. chase #

    good to see

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