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The Scarlet Speedster is, I feel, one of the most under-rated DC Comics properties. The character is ripe for the silver-screen treatment and, thanks to comicbook legend, Geoff Johns, The Flash may be finally getting what he deserves. If, in the style of Dr. Sam Beckett, I was able to “quantum leap” into the body of Mr. Johns, there are a few things I would do to make sure this movie got it right …

I would definitely go with the Barry Allen incarnation of The Flash.

You could make reference to a family relative called Wally West and maybe introduce him in later installments. Allen should be employed as a police or forensic scientist so that as he investigates crimes during the film, his skills other than his super abilities would be made useful. Barry Allen’s longtime love interest Iris should be part of the film, even becoming the “damsel in distress” by the final scenes.

The Flash’s build should be not that of a body builder. He shouldn’t be built like Superman or Batman. He is primarily a runner, even his fighting style is based on landing multiple punches and strikes at super-speed, not with brute force. His build should be that of a slender athlete.

The Flash can be, incorrectly, labeled as a one-trick pony since his power seems to be to just be able to “run fast.” But his abilities are so much more than that. I want to see The Flash move at incredible speeds, phase his body through solid objects and land a few hundred punches a second on the bad guy. Some aspects of his abilities can lead to light-hearted and comedic moments for the film. His ability to speak at super speed being one obvious example. One more aspect of his abilities I would love to see his his time travelling capabilities. In the initial film, it would be great to see him able to move only a few moments back and forth in time with it akin to Neo’s bullet time abilities or Peter Parker’s “Spidey-sense.”

Personally, and Flash-fanboys may rail on me for this, I don’t feel that The Flash’s rogues gallery is all that strong. Many of them couldn’t be transferred to the big screen without a heck of a lot of changes made to them. Captain Cold or Double Down could work, maybe, however for the first film, with it being an origin piece, I would go for Professor Zoom (or for the film just name him Zoom), a supervillain with the same or similar abilities to that of The Flash. Who wouldn’t want to see two metahumans, fully in control of their powers by the final act, going toe to toe on the streets of Central City?

To fill the roles of the main protagonists I would go for someone like Ryan McPartlin for The Flash. Yes, I know I’ve been pimping him around for a certain other spandex clad hero recently, but (since that ship has sailed) when I think more and more about it, McPartlin he seems right. He’s tall, of the right age and of a good enough build. He has the comedic chops to add humour to the character of The Flash, something which is vital to set him apart from his fellow heroes and which is one of the most appealing aspects of the fastest man alive. Professor Zoom should be portrayed as slightly older than Allen, very intelligent, obviously more arrogant and egotistical with an underlying vicious streak. Someone like Peter Facinelli could do a great job in the role.

With all the cross promotion opportunities and whispers of a Justice League “something-something” from Chris Nolan and Geoff Johns himself, the thought of the bigger DC universe making a cameo in Central City is a tantalising one. The Flash has long been a good friend of the various Green Lantern incarnations. Anyone fancy Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan popping by to meet The Flash? Or who would you place your bets on for a race between The Scarlet Speedster and a certain Kryptonian Boy Scout?

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  1. moviefan #

    Great article ben, I totally agree start with barry would be the best. So then with the jay garrick deal you could make refrence to a 40s/50s hero, or say he was just a comic book or tv character…. For the fans of that character. I too would have wally play a smaller supporting character role in first flash film. So we can build up his character. Then come time around a 2nd or 3rd film he could become the flash if they wanted to kill barry off. I made this point in the forums. I would put barry and iris at like 27-29yrs old at the start of the film. Then for wally to bypass the whole kid flash stuff which could be a bit cheesy if they do it wrong. I would put wally at about 17-19 yrs old. So then if they did want wally to take over in 2nd or 3rd film he would already be in early 20s and a young adult and all that. As for villains flash has some interesting ones to play with. Then the whole thing with the flash’s foes usually teaming up which is a cool concept. Though for first film i would probably only stick with one or two foes as the main threats. Then in a sequel introduce the whole rouge’s teamup deal they do. I really hope the flash can get to production this time around. With geoff johns now head creative dude at DCE and being producer on the project, and wrote treatment for the film with some other guy doing the script writing duties. Crossing fingers we will see flash happen some time between 2012-2014.

  2. Heather Schroeder #

    Jensen Ackles for the gig!!!!

  3. 3

    I was actually quite pleased with Adam Brody when he was cast as the character in the now-defunct JLA movie. I still think he’d be really great.

  4. Josue Sanchez #

    I have every issue of the Superman VS Flash comics, it is special and important. I would love it and it would be a dream come true… But somehow, i doubt it will happen, Hollywood would never make something that cool!!

  5. Robb #

    Good story, Ben.

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