The Thor Hammer After-Credits Sequence


The “Iron Man 2” DVD and Blu-ray release is almost here and, as usual, lots of goodies begin to leak on to the web and YouTube. Little treats like the behind-the-scenes video (embedded below): “Making the Thor’s Hammer After-Credits Sequence.”

Many did not know about this this, but if you stayed past the credits after “Iron Man 2,” there is an extra scene. To the average person, this little bit might have appeared to be a minor, useless clip to have waited for so patiently through the long and endless credits of “Iron Man 2.” But to comic-book fans, this clip was a historical moment, because it was the introduction of yet another well loved and soon to get his own movie superhero from the Marvel world: Thor.

Returning for the sequel was Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg), who at one point in the movie approaches Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and explains to him: “I’ve been reassigned; director Fury wants me in New Mexico.”

Stark replies sarcastically, “Fantastic, land of enchantment.”

“That’s what I am told,” he replies, giving nothing away.

Stark then implies, “Secret stuff?”

Agent Coulson ends the conversation, “Something like that.”

Agent Coulson is never seen again during the movie, until we catch up to him during the after-credits sequence. And in this clip, we get to see how they went about creating the scene and bringing it to life. It also gives us a great inside into the thought process behind the upcoming “Thor” movie.

This is very exciting for “Thor” fans and for the fans that are looking forward to the upcoming “Avengers” movie. The way this clip is broken down is very interesting and it’s one of the many priceless nuggets that I am looking forward to when “Iron Man 2” is released Sept. 28.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    I have been waiting for the IRONMAN 2 Blu Ray release since I saw it at midnight opening day! I am salivating just thinking about the variety of special features!

  2. Paul #

    I can’t wait to see Thor!

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