Leonard Nimoy Set to Retire


Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy feels he has finally conquered the Final Frontier and is set to retire from acting. The Toronto Sun spoke with Nimoy, who genuinely feels there are no more possibilities for his incarnation of Spock.

The 79-year old veteran actor-turned-photographer said, “I want to get off the stage. Also, I don’t think it would be fair to Zachary Quinto. He’s a terrific actor, he looks the part, and it’s time to give him some space. And I’m very flattered the character will continue.”

Quinto took on the mantle of Spock last summer when playing a more youthful version of everyone’s favourite Vulcan science officer, and Nimoy, in agreement with my recent article on where the Star Trek franchise could go next, recognises the need to allow Quinto’s Spock to breathe and develop as his own incarnation.

So what’s next for Nimoy now? It’s well known that the Boston-born actor has indulged his love of photography in recent years with, after an understandable level of scepticism, a largely positive critical reaction. He even has an exhibition of his work due to be shown in Massachusetts

In addition to leaving his acting and film-making career behind, Nimoy acknowledges that his sci-fi convention appearances could be coming to an end, too. He mentions how he only has a few more public appearances planned. That’s not to say though that he doesn’t enjoy meeting the fans at the aforementioned conventions. He describes them as “a love fest. I’m so grateful to the fans. I call these kind of experiences a victory lap … It’s like having a family meeting — a family reunion.”

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  1. moviefan #

    i have enjoyed his works i have seen for yrs. He was a great spock. Will be sad to see him go. But its high time for him to be officially done with acting to enjoy himself. Though if i recall he had retired before. But i think this time will be for good.

  2. stargazer #

    I LOVE him. Best Spock Ever.