MTV to Remake ‘Teen Wolf’ Into TV Show


Sometimes, there is just nothing good to say about a new piece of news from Hollywood.

In fact, let’s play a game. Count how many bad things you can find in this new information: MTV is making a TV show based on the movie “Teen Wolf.” The series, which will be a drama/buddy-comedy, will star Tyler Posey (the putz at right in the picture). The show reportedly will be closer in nature to “American Werewolf in Paris” than to the movie itself.

If you counted less than five, you are way more optimistic than I am.

According to MTV, “The show will focus around the dorky teen wolf, Scott McCall (Posey), as he maneuvers his way through high school after he gets a bunch of superpowers, including the ability to attract the ladies, after a wolf attack.”

I know that Hollywood long ago stopped caring what we want, but really, can they please stop with these unnecessary remakes? Nobody wants them.

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  1. moviefan #

    i been reading about this for a few months. I hope it turns out ok. I will def at least check out pilot and if i like it continue to watch if it not go on to other things. Also it would be neat if it lasts for awhile if they could get any one who was in the two teen wolf movies to appear in some role.

  2. Jason #

    Well done MTV. That kid looks like he has JUST AS MUCH charm and humor in him as Michael J. Fox… buncha dumb-asses. Way to keep sucking MTV.

  3. Disco #

    That guy?!? Really?!?

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