New Trailer for ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Premieres


There are very few films with a title as unique and intriguing as Jon Favreau’s upcoming sci-fi western film “Cowboys & Aliens.”

Directed by the man who brought us “Iron Man” and produced by cinematic giants Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard, “Cowboys & Aliens” goes with the trend today to have moguls of the industry collaborate on projects together to produce massively-anticipated movies.

In case you have never heard of the film or just want a refresher course here is a basic storyline:

    In 1875 in the New Mexico Territory, a stranger (Daniel Craig) awakens in the middle of the desert, with no memory of anything. The only clue he has is a mysterious-looking shackle on one wrist. As he stumbles into the nearest town, he realizes they don’t welcome strangers and the townspeople are living in fear of a ruthless leader (Harrison Ford). But the town didn’t know true fear until they are ravaged by strangers from the sky. With bright lights and blinding speeds, they abduct any and all they can. Then, as the stranger they rejected begins to regain his memory, they learn that he might be their only chance to save themselves and their loved-ones before the town is decimated. Along with a mysterious traveler (Olivia Wilde) and a group of brave men and former enemies, they all ban together to go off and find these aliens and have a once and for all showdown.

This new trailer has a lot of footage that we have seen time and again, but it also offers tastes and glimpses of so much more.

For the first time, we are seeing more of the hunt for and battling of the alien force and we even get a quick glimpse of a hand that is obviously not human. Additionally, we get to see more interactions between Craig and Wilde and also a few funny lines between Ford and Craig. We also see what happened to some of the people that were taken and more of the battle between the human force and the invading aliens.

One of the more interesting aspects shown in this new trailer is the caves that the aliens appear to be hiding in and the design of their technology. I also noticed a bit of eeriness to Olivia Wilde’s character that shows she may potentially have a dual role in the film. The movie is based off a graphic novel, so those who have read it may know the truth behind it all, but I am choosing not to read it so I can uncover the secrets as I watch it for the first time.

So are you interested in this film, and if so what part of it looks the most intriguing to you so far? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

“Cowboys & Aliens” opens everywhere July 29 and has not yet been rated.

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