A Clip from ‘Fright Night’


Vampires are becoming a tad over-killed these days. Remakes have become entirely overdone in the past decade. So whose idea was it to smash the two together and do a vampire remake? It doesn’t matter because even though vampires and remakes are recycled news, “Fright Night” is coming to us this summer and I think it will have many redeeming qualities that might make it a great catch. It’s a classic tale of a boy who discovers he is living next door to a vampire, it’s familiar and fun, even if it has been done before.

The main reason I am not to quick to turn my cheek at “Fright Night” is the cast. For starters, I fail to believe that Toni Collette (“United States of Tara,” “In Her Shoes”) could ever be anything but perfection. The alleged vampire neighbor is being played by Colin Farrell (“Taking Lives,” “Crazy Heart”), which, come on, is almost too obvious a choice. And for me, comedy plays a vital role in any good horror flick, and for that reason, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (“Superbad,” “Kick-Ass”) being in the cast has me very excited because I find him to be hilarious. I think the cast is well-rounded, which is somewhat dangerous because I’m putting all my faith into them, because of them, I’m counting on the film to be good.

The original “Fright Night” is a classic; I grew up on films like that, which is where the hesitation lies in remakes of these movies. But in all fairness, I shouldn’t go in expecting not to like a film just because it’s a remake. Though they are few and far in between, there have, in fact, been remakes that surpassed the quality and story-line of the original.

With “Fright Night,” I am actually expecting a good all around film. I suspect the story has been touched up, the cast will nail it, and I think there will be some really spot on witty humor tossed in. I’m still hoping for a campy blood and guts type feel, just an updated version. I’m all for bringing back the old school vampires. Not that I don’t enjoy the “Twilight” series, but I’m ready to drop the dulled down, softer image and go back to horror roots when it comes to vampires.

Seriously guys, I think we need to give “Fright Night” a chance. And as always, even if you come out not liking it, that’s the beauty of horror, you can’t go in expecting anything but a fun and hopefully scary time.

Also starring Anton Yelchin, “Fright Night” hits theaters Aug. 19.

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