Possible Script Details Emerge for ‘Riddick’ Sequel


I don’t think “The Chronicles of Riddick” was as bad as some folks claim. But was it on par with “Pitch Black,” the one that introduced us to Riddick (played by Vin Diesel)? Not by a long shot.

This is why I like what I’m hearing about the next sequel. It seems the good people over at Moviehole got their hands on a copy of the script, and what they are reporting about it sounds like the writers are getting it right this time around.

I also like that the new movie ties in with “Pitch Black,” even though the events occur after what happened in “The Chronicles of Riddick.”

Here are some highlights of their brief script review:

    “We meet LORD MARSHAL Riddick. Nobody much likes that Riddick’s royalty now (he loves it; he gets to screw hot chicks) – as evident by the assassins that try and take him out at any and every opportunity – especially the necromancers, who are dead against the anointment of a furyan as a leader.”

    “In exchange for the title, Riddick’s reluctant right-hand man and necro Vaako (Karl Urban’s character from the previous film; Urban will likely do it since the character is only in it for a short while) agrees to drop Riddick off at his home, Furya.”

    “One thing leads to another and, much like the first film, Riddick finds himself stranded on a monster-infested planet. Instead of it leading to a rescue mission, his distress beacon catches the attention of a couple of merc teams (it would seem Vaako had dispatched them to kill Riddick while he’s isolated; not entirely true) who go after him with ill intentions.”

    “One of the teams is lead by someone connected to an old enemy… someone from ‘Pitch Black.'”

This sounds like a “Pitch Black” sequel. I mean, I didn’t feel Riddick belonged in a futuristic metropolis planet, where there’s flying vehicles and advanced technology. To me, he belongs in the battlefields, or closer to the unpredictable and savage nature of a desolate planet environment. Heck, I think he could have easily been one that got dropped into the Predator game preserve world in “Predators.” He would have definitely fit right in.

What do you think about this new plot?

”Riddick” is written and will be directed by David Twohy.

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