Trailer Talk: ‘Take This Waltz’


Some of you may remember the Canadian-based television show “Road to Avonlea” growing up, like I do, and you would remember that Sarah Polley was Sara Stanley on that show. She’s come a long way since that time and she has starred in several films, as well as sung on the soundtracks, co-wrote some songs, and, in the instance of “Take This Waltz,” directed, wrote the screenplay and produced the film.

In “Take This Waltz.” Michelle Williams is Margot, a housewife who is happily married to a successful cookbook writer Louis (Seth Rogen) — until she meets her new neighbor, Daniel (Luke Kirby). Margot begins to discover another side of herself that has been awakened by Daniel and her marriage begins to crumble. Could this be an illustration of what modern marriages suffer through?

The teaser trailer is exactly that: a tease. It really doesn’t give us much of the story and where it possibly leads. We are introduced to our three protagonists with a rickshaw ride because the couple is on their way to their anniversary date and that’s pretty much it. It left me wanting to know a little more about the plot that it did not give me. There’s a chance that this film is extraordinary with an Academy Award-winning director/producer/screenplay writer in Polley and an Academy Award nominee in Michelle Williams. The cast also includes Sarah Silverman (pictured) as Rogen’s sister, which can ultimately give us a change of pace in the film. Two comedians in dramatic roles is always refreshing.

“Take This Waltz” is set to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September.

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