Poster Peek: ‘Cop Out’


By now, you’ve probably heard the story behind the title of Kevin Smith’s new film, “Cop Out.” Originally, Smith wanted it to be “A Couple of Dicks,” but the studios axed that pretty quickly after the problems “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” faced. In other words, the studios copped out and went with “Cop Out.” Smith has gone on to say “Cop Out” isn’t “MY movie, [it’s] a movie I was hired to direct.”

The film stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as an oddly-matched cop duo tracking down a stolen vintage baseball card. From the trailer, it looks like “Cop Out” is going to be a farce of regular cop movies. It doesn’t look anything near as good as “Hot Fuzz,” though.

The poster below looks like your typical action movie poster. Both Morgan and Willis have their guns out (Willis’ is still smoking) and are wearing their badge. You can see bullet holes in the background. What I really love about this poster is their facial expressions. Morgan has that kind of “I told you” so smile on his face, while Willis looks like he’s humoring an old lady by listening to her. It’s the look on their faces that let us know this won’t be your typical action-cop movie. That and the catch phrase “rock out with you glock out.”

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  1. C. Falls #

    It’s a nice poster, but I still have bad memories of the trailer.