Poster Peek: ‘Robin Hood: Beyond Sherwood Forest’


Movie posters just don’t seem to be cool anymore. Yeah, cool, like the original “Star Wars.” Lately, they are boring and irrelevant. They usually consist of a character front and center, and then, other smaller images behind. With the same font for the title of the movie. There was a time they would put so much love into these advertisement pieces.

I could list examples of what I feel is a good poster, but I have no need to, instead I’ll show you the poster for the DVD release of “Robin Hood: Beyond Sherwood Forest.” I believe that this poster, despite being for a TV movie, has a lot of heart. The artist(s) that made it either loved the movie or love what they do — yes, to me it is that simple.

All the important characters from the movie are well represented here. Robin Hood (played by Robin Dunne) is front and center, yet his co-stars are not far behind. The poster displays the beautiful Erica Durance — she is the love interest — followed closely by Julian Sands, the villain. In the background, but in no way ignored or minimized, is the monster (dragon) that plays such a central role in this movie. And finally, you have the castles. You can’t have a Robin Hood movie, even if it is leaning toward the sci-fi/fantasy, without the beautiful majestic castles.

The movie did very well in the ratings and I wouldn’t be surprised if they slap another one together and ship it to us soon. If you didn’t see it when it was released on the SyFy channel, your chance to watch is has arrived (it was released on DVD today), and this poster should help get you excited for it.

I admire the presentation, color, style and art of this poster. As an art enthusiast, this is what I personally lean towards, when creating any fan-made poster, or banners. It is a cool style and and it is eye catching. Hopefully it will help un-dull the boring posters I’ve been seeing around lately.

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  1. Cam Smith #

    Miss Durance is rockin’ some serious bags under her eyes on that poster. I imagine she’s thrilled.

  2. bigge3021 #

    I must admit that I don’t give much credit to posters when it comes to watching the movie/tv special like I used to. Trailers and sometimes Reviews/word of mouth from friends influence me more to go to theatres and/or watch it on tv than posters. With that said, I agree this poster is nicely done. Great job as usual on the article Josue. =)

  3. Ben Fowler #

    A dragon? In Robin Hood?

    You damn Americans… 😉

  4. 4

    Cam, I noticed the bags, too. I was surprised about that.

  5. Josue #

    Cam and Sean, I guess they where going for the natural middle ages But, in short, it is a slip up. Maybe I can photoshop those out and have a corrected version…lol

  6. 6

    ^ What’s strange is that even I could photoshop that out. That’s why I am really surprised they didn’t.

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