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I am not blown away with the latest poster (see it below) that has been released for “Thor,” the next comic-book movie Marvel Studios is zapping our way (though I have been impressed with everything else I have seen for this movie). At the same time, I can understand why they chose to use a poster like this.

Let’s discuss the poster shall we?

It is a pretty plain poster, with nothing spectacular for our comic-book addicted brains to process. I mean this is the movie I have already previously described as one that spans galaxies and looks larger than life.

But … with this poster they didn’t show us any intergalactic hero vs. villain snapshots. They don’t attempt to capitalize on their stars, like Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman. Instead they are giving us a close-up of the hero of the movie; Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth. It’s a new face I am sure they would love for us to get acquainted with, and this is a sound strategy.

Personally, I only knew Hemsworth from his small role in “Star Trek” — though I must say it was a memorable part that actually stuck to my head. So when I heard his name attached to the role of Thor, I instantly recognized him. I must also admit I had not realized or perhaps noticed how incredibly fit Chris was. He has definitely gotten himself in top shape for the role.

What do you think of the simple poster? Does it do the trick? Or is it just lack of imagination from the promotional department? I’d love to know your thoughts.

“Thor” has been filmed in “realD 3D” and is directed by actor/director Kenneth Branagh (“Hamlet” “Valkerie”) and will hit theater and IMAX on May 6.

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    This new poster doesn’t really do anything for me. I like the other one better I think. I would also like to see something close to a teaser poster of just Mjolnir. Perhaps that’s a bit too geeky though?

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