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I am not one for clichéd movies and the following scene is all too familiar. A married couple with kids has their relationship tested either through personal complications or temptations. The relationship loses its spark and gets dull and repetitive. One person usually seeks sexual thrills elsewhere while the other is blindsided by the situation. The climax, of course, will lead to the couple growing together again or breaking off.

With “Concussion,” however, writer-director Stacie Passon provides a fresh take on this genre by centering the film on the relationship of a lesbian couple: Abby (Robin Weigert) and Kate (Julie Lawrence).

Immediately, we see that Abby suffers a mild concussion from getting hit on the head with her son’s baseball. The concussion serves as a type of wake-up because we see the problems between Kate and Abby, and in once scene, Abby is yearning for sexual gratitude from Kate and they share a brief moment but it’s evident the energy is not there. One day, Abby hires a prostitute, and that awkward moment leads to her being a call-girl named, “Eleanor.”

Stacie Passon does a fabulous job with this film by showing that sexual expression is natural. She chooses to focus on the energy of sex rather than the sex itself. Passon also portrays different types of women as clients, showing that sex is blind and can be enjoyed by women of all ages and body types.

Passon’s script is well written. It is obvious what the game-changing events are in the movie and those moments are delivered with passion. Robin Weigert gives the performance of a lifetime, playing both Abby and Eleanor brilliantly. As Abby, she seems completely disconnected from the world and it shows in her body language. As Eleanor, she lets us see the happiness and passion she gets from her sexual experiences. In addition, the on-screen chemistry she has with all the women is terrific, such as her scenes with Maggie Siff as Sam, who is Abby’s casual crush. Sam is married to a man, but she seeks out the services of Eleanor.

“Concussion” is a film that is definitely under the radar but I think it is deserving of your time. It goes against so much we are used to seeing on screen and everyone can get something out of it.


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