Prometheus: New Videos


Fox Studio’s marketing campaign for “Prometheus” continues to amaze.

The first clip introduced us to Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), CEO of Weyland Corp, this past February.

Today, Fox released another video, which works in conjunction with the second viral clip, an advertisement for Weyland Corporation’s latest android, David (Michael Fassbender).

During the commercial, David sells us on his efficient organizing skills, while at the same time letting it be known he’s not just made for menial tasks. In one chilling sentence, executed to icy perfection by Fassbender, we’re told David will even do what humans may find distressing or unethical.

Although David cannot feel human emotions, he understands them. With a single tear rolling down his cheek, when asked what makes him sad, he says, “War, poverty, cruelty, unnecessary violence.” That answer is a bit too calculated, if you ask me., if you ask me. Me thinks David is evil. I cannot wait until June 8 to find out if my hunch is right.

Hit the comment section to your right with your thoughts. Is David good or bad? What do you think of the “Prometheus” marketing campaign so far?

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