Seven Clips from ‘Leap Year’


What do travel mishaps, a beautiful foreign country and a handsome stranger equal? Another cheesy and predictable romantic comedy gracing movie screens during the first quarter of the new year.

In “Leap Year,” Anna (Amy Adams) desperately wants her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) to propose to her before his business trip to Dublin. But when she walks away from their date with a new pair of earrings instead of an engagement ring, Anna decides to take matters into her own hands.

She travels to Dublin to propose to Jeremy on Leap Day, an Irish tradition in which a woman proposes to a man on Feb. 29. But when Anna gets stuck in Wales and inclement weather prevents her from flying to Dublin, she relies on an innkeeper named Declan (Matthew Goode) to drive her there. Though they clash at first, Declan might be enough to change Anna’s mind about proposing to Jeremy.

The film looks like it could be cute and has the benefits of a charming, likable cast and a beautiful location, but it could also potentially be another tired hate-turns-into-love tale. Check out the clips below to get a better feel for the film

“Leap Year” opens Jan. 8.

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