Short Film: JT vs. the Good Guys


We have seen portrayals of bullies in movies, television shows, plays and every other type of media, because as long as there have been two people — one larger than the other — there has been bullying in one form or another.

The most typical would be the popular guy or jock at school who picks on the scrawny or nerdy kid who can’t really fight back or protect themselves. But what if the tables were turned and all of those exposed to ridicule or abuse turned on the bully? That is the subject matter of Chris Shimojima’s 12-minute short film titled “JT vs. the Good Guys,” which you can check out below.

In recent years, anti-bullying laws and legislation have been on the news on a national scale as kids and teens of different ages and genders have either been killed or committed suicide after constant harassment and ridicule for many different reasons. Because of this spotlight, there has been a nationwide debate on anti-bullying laws with each state adopting their own laws and punishment for breaking those laws. Currently, 48 states in the U.S. have anti-bullying legislation already in place with the final two states preparing to join them.

Written and directed by Shimojima, “JT vs. the Good Guys” takes the stereotype of the bully and twists it on its axis. While we have all been picked on in one way or another — and might automatically identify with the kids who retaliate against JT –their lack of sympathy and empathy towards him is shocking when he easily could have been severely injured or worse. It is the general tone and lack of remorse from them that is so troubling.

As the short progresses, we see many things, including JT’s ego being hurt and the consequences of his actions from the people he has probably picked on for years. We also see the attitude most Americans have towards these stereotypical jocks nowadays. What we don’t see in this short is the most important part, we don’t see a stereotypical ending in which the bully either dies or has an awakening after he is retaliated against. This would have been an easy way to finish this short film and not too realistic; the truth is that most people refuse to change and a singular event isn’t always enough to wake them up to their actions. “JT vs. the Good Guys” is a stark look at how people are treated and how sometimes even the tough guy gets picked on.

“JT vs. the Good Guys” stars John Shepard, Victor Bekker, Maxwell C. Blackriver, Allison Hope Cohen, David Nate Goldman, Tyler Herwick, Stephanie Iscovitz, David Melissaratos, Juliette Monaco, Lyra Olson and Wesley Tunison.

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