Short Film Theater: ‘Adam: Next Generation Robotics’


Political agendas and social commentary are not new to the world of cinema, and are often worn on the sleeves of many movies. A lot of the time, the underlying message is just that, tucked away in the film so subtly you may not even recognize it. This is not the case with “Adam.”

Short film or not, “Adam” aims to prove a point. It’s sole purpose for being manifested at all is to show a point of view. Director Mike Buonaiuto’s film — roughly a minute and a half in length — portrays his opinion on self-acceptance and equal rights for the LGBT community.

“Adam” is a mock commercial advertisement displaying nothing more than a person — a male person who happens to be a customizable robot. The simplicity is necessary because I have found that if you have a message you are trying to convey to an audience, you can’t let the platform for the message blind your core audience. No flashy nonsense here, just a man.

I applaud any filmmaker who uses his or her art as an expressive tool without badgering or over influencing those who watch their films. I don’t believe any artist should compromise their artistic integrity and Mr. Buonaiuto certainly does not compromise his views. I completely appreciate that he does not over indulge his points of view or opinions. I truly think he tastefully makes a presentation.

I encourage folks to take the minute and a half to take a look at “Adam” regardless of their own personal agenda. It is always a good idea to see varying perspectives. None of us are robots, and that’s all “Adam” is trying to point out.

On the Jess-O-Meter, “Adam” grabs the bullying by the horns.

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