Short Film Theater: ‘Avatar Days’


We’ve all heard the stories of MMORPG gamers losing their jobs, destroying their relationships, and even dying, from an all-consuming obsession with a virtual world. More so than others, World of Warcraft, the most successful MMORPG of all time, has taken the bulk of this criticism.

However, director Gavin Kelly’s short film, “Avatar Days,” provides a new perspective on the MMORPG phenomenon, depicting the real-life lives of four World of Warcraft players, but as their avatars.

The film has a forgiving and uncritical tone – there is no judgment or praise of the gamers’ lifestyles. Instead, the dreary background of real life (work, commuting and shopping) is contrasted with the fantastical, as the colorful avatars and exciting stories of battles, dungeons, and dwarves seem to outshine reality.

Not only does the film evoke sympathy and understanding for the players – you can’t help but ask yourself if your life could use a little more adventure – but it also makes you wonder who else is secretly living a double-life as an undead warlock.

The entire film was completed in just four days as part of the “4 Day Film” category in the Darklight Film Festival.

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  1. Jon Martincic #

    It caught my attention. Very interesting angle.

  2. Adam Poynter #

    Well I’ve never done any online gaming, but I still found it interesting though.

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