Short Film Theater: ‘Small Gods’


A dark, gritty crime drama with a sci-fi twist is how I’d best describe “Small Gods,” a new short film by Marcus Perry based on the Image Comics series.

The film shows a world where people with extrasensory perception live in secret. They must register their powers to the authorities, risking alienation and imprisonment — this can easily bring to mind the mutant registration act of the Marvel Universe. But while the concept might be similar, the execution is definitely intriguing and unique.

In this six-and-half minute sneak peak, we meet precognitive cop Owen Young, played by Johann Urb (who you might recognize from the big screen movie “2012” or TV’s “Dirt”). As a precognitive, Owen fights a frantic battle to keep his powers a secret — while also using them to bring criminals to justice with the help of his partner, John Meyer. As we meet the partners, they are on the way to what seems to be a business-as-usual type of situation. But this is no ordinary case — they have stumbled upon a telepathic killer with unlimited power. This is the foe that could threaten to expose the partners’ carefully hidden secrets.

Check out the clip below before reading any further (note: the clip features a few swear words, some bloody images and some mild violence).

In a great twist, we see the scenario play out as the entire team dives in to apprehend the suspect. But, with slow-motion effects executed to perfection, we see just how these actions will play out. The scene then flashes back to the beginning and we see Meyer’s arguing with the swat commander. Did you catch it? It’s a new angle and things are already different.

The audience has not only been able to witness just what Owen’s ability is and how he uses it to aid in his work, but that the future is fluid and can be changed. By the end of the last moment, you are inescapably drawn in. You’ll be wondering when and where you can see the rest. How will it all play out? Will Owen’s secret be revealed? And how will this new threat be dealt with?

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  1. 1

    That was excellent. I definitely wanted it to keep going.

  2. Eli #

    Looks good.

  3. Glass #

    They should turn that into a TV show!

  4. Jon #

    That was awesome!

  5. Rescued_By_God #

    This looks really good. I definitely have to watch it, when it’s released. And as Sean said, one did want it to continue.