Six Clips from ‘Celine: Through the Eyes of the World’


In 2008, Celine Dion made her glorious return to concert touring, when she embarked on her “Taking Chances Tour.” The event was a total success, grossing way passed the $200 million mark. It is the second-highest-grossing tour ever for a solo artist, right behind Madonna.

In this two-hour concert, Celine performed her biggest hits, while at the same time flaunting a amazing light spectacle, a setting of more than 20 LED screens floating over the stage, dancers and fashions-galore show.

This tour — which spanned five continents, 25 countries and 93 cities — was filmed and turned into the documentary-concert film; “Celine: Through the Eyes of the World.” The movie was released on a limited engagement scale, and it premiered right here, in my city, Miami, on Feb. 16. The premiere also enjoyed the attendance of Celine Dion herself, and after that it remained in theater for eight days.

Celine did her best to promote this limited event by appearing on both the “Oprah” show and “Larry King Live.” It was no surprise that most of the critics love the concert film and gave it great reviews. Many are anxiously waiting for the release of the film on DVD and Blu-ray, April 26, and for good reason. The DVD will be three-hours long, and it will include all the behind-the-scenes prepping for the concerts that a fan could ever dream of. It will also include some of the press events that occurred during and before the concert.

If you are a fan, and you are tapping your fingers impatiently for the time of the DVD release, then the five clips below should aid in your impatient suffering. Some are behind-the-scenes footage clips, others are actual concert clips.

In this first clip, Celine expresses her appreciation to her team prior to a concert, and then jumps ahead to her singing “My Heart Will Go On.”

In this next clip, we see a very emotional Celine Dion being appointed a “Knight of the Legion of Honor” in France, along with an explanation of why she deserves it.

In the following clip, Celine sings “Power of Love” in Shanghai.

In this clip, Celine expresses her gratitude to the people of Johannesburg at a press conference and then sings to the children.

In this next one, wearing yet another different outfit, Celine sings “I’m Alive.”

In this last clip, Celine goes over with her bodyguards how she would like the event to proceed and seeks their feedback.

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