Six Clips from ‘Just Go With It’


One of the strangest things about saving up a TV show on your DVR and watching all of the episodes in a row is tracking the commercials. If you don’t just skip right through them, you can watch a strange passage of time. You can watch the commercials start in the fall, go through election season, hit Christmas for a while and so on.

You also get to see the commercials for the movies coming out each week and this might be the strangest part. Before I wrote this, I was catching up with a show and I saw a plenty of commercials for Jason Statham’s “The Mechanic.” There was an awful lot of build-up for it and I know it came out, but it now seems almost like a faint memory.

It’s strange how a movie can be just everywhere and then once it has its opening weekend, it’s on to the next movie. I guess that’s just the nature of the business now. Movies get over-hyped to the point of where you are sick of them and then they are just gone (until the same thing happens when the DVD/blu-ray release arrives).

The two movies for which I currently am seeing the most commercials are “Hall Pass” and “Just Go With It” (though I do watch more comedies than dramas on TV). Because I enjoy comedies and because I like the actors involved, each of these movies were all but pre-sold to me. But I am seen too many commercial and Internet ads for the movies — way too many.

So, I’m a little torn on “Just Go With It” right now. I will definitely see it at some point — and it seems like a decnet choice for Valentine’s Day — but I’m thinking it might seem fresher to me a few months from now. In the interim, here are some clips from the movie to help you decide whether you want to see it or if you want to wait.

“Just Go With It” stars Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Nick Swardson, Dave Matthews, Kevin Nealon and Brooklyn Decker. It is in theaters now.

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