‘Superman/Batman 2’ Getting Under Way


Warner Bros. Animation’s “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies” hit the shelves on Sept. 29, and the buzz is still strong (click here for the review).

As a matter of fact, Warner Premiere has decided to continue the series with a sequel to the DC Comics adaptation. Not much is known about the direction the next installment will take, but expectations are very high.

As positive news has been just rolling in for animated adaptations of DC Comic characters, it also serves as a reminder of the lack of movement for a live-action interpretation of their most notable property. There have been a lot of rumors and buzz about a return to the silver screen for Superman, yet all that counts for is what’s been done. Nothing.

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  1. Disco #

    Awesome news!

  2. moviefan #

    I thought it was a decent film and cool we are getting a sequel. Hopefully we will get a little bit longer film this time around. 60mins or so public enemies was, was way to short.

  3. BCbob #

    This is great news!

  4. 4