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Review: Deerskin

— by RON WILKINSON — Georges might always have felt it is the clothes that make the man. No wonder, reeling from the short end of a divorce, penniless and with his credit card cruelly cancelled by a heartless ex, it is a coat of the skin of prey that speaks to him. Abandoned to […[...]

Review: Portrait of a Lady on Fire

— by RON WILKINSON — An artist hired to paint a portrait of a bride-to-be discovers that the subject refuses to pose. She is not just camera shy, or easel shy, she is fundamentally opposed to the idea of being painted. The French had their attitudes, even in 1790. As it turns out, there [...]

Review: The Trouble with You

— by RON WILKINSON — The snarky sequence backing the opening credits would have made Leslie Nielsen blush. Extracting, satirizing and francofying moves from Bruce Lee to Eddie Murphy, the action starts here. In fact, this pitch perfect farce on the good, the bad and the romantic never le[...]