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How It Should Have Ended: ‘District 9’

The comedic fiends at HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) have set their sights on “District 9” and come up with the following take on how the movie should have ended. And I guess we could mention that there is a spoiler involved, but you should probably figure out a feature called How It S[...]

2010 Oscar Nominations Announced

— by RACHEL COYNE — The 2010 Oscar nominees were announced this morning, and on the whole, they were relatively pedestrian; everything and everyone that was expected to be recognized was. Now is the time when I usually start to get pumped for Oscar night, attempting to see as many of the[...]

‘District 9′ DVD Bonus: Transformation of Wikus

— by ALEXA MILAN — From its ingenious viral marketing campaign to the original and thrilling final product, the low-budget sci-fi film “District 9” was 2009’s biggest surprise hit, scoring at the box office and with critics. Now, the first movie from South African director[...]

‘District 9’ DVD Bonus: The Alien Agenda

— by MARIUSZ ZUBROWSKI — This summer, one film surprised film goers more than any other. “District 9,” is the directorial debut of director Neil Blomkamp, but it garnered attention because of the name that was attached to all of the movie’s trailers and posters[...]

Under Review: ‘District 9’

— by ROB COX — “District 9” is an intriguing work of science fiction that, while cleverly imagined and well acted, has become more of a critical darling than it deserves. To be sure, first-time director Neill Blomkamp (who also co-wrote the screenplay) has crafted a decent[...]