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Nine Clips from The Raven

— by ADAM POYNTER — In the new gritty thriller “The Raven,” director James McTeigue (“V for Vendetta”) brings Edgar Allan Poe to life in a way never seen before. Relativity Media has released nine clips –over nine minutes of footage total — from the fi[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘The Raven’

— by KATHLEEN COLLINS — If you have ever read any of the works of Edgar Allan Poe, you know being part of one of his stories would not be a fun experience. In “The Raven,” a serial killer in Baltimore is using Poe’s works as the basis for a string of brutal murders. To [&he[...]

Four Clips From ‘Ninja Assassin’

— by CAM SMITH — Burning curiosity and lingering question marks have been hanging over James McTeigue’s geek wet-dream epic “Ninja Assassin” for some time now, with early critical response sharply divided — as if by katana blade, waka waka! (I’m here all week, folks!) ̵[...]

Welcome to the Superman Shell Game

— by SEAN GERSKI — You know those shell games con men play? Three cups, one ball. Everything moves around very quickly and you can’t trust your eyes. Every time you think you have the cup with the ball in it locked down, you find out you are wrong. And, sometimes, there isn’t[...]