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Review: Rustin

— by BEV QUESTAD — Diversity, inspiration, compassion, and transformation are the guiding principles of Higher Ground (HG), the Obamas’ production company. Michelle Obama says, “I always believed in the power of storytelling to inspire us, to make us think differently about the w[...]

Review: American Fiction

— by BEV QUESTAD — An African-American author and professor with a PhD, a genius with excellent writing ability, crafts an acclaimed novel. Another author, feigning he is a fugitive from the FBI, misspells words and uses a vernacular dialect. He writes about a rough, poverty-ridden Black[...]

Catching Fire: Beetee Portrait

— by CHERRY BELL — It’s time for the revealing of another Capitol Portrait character poster. Lionsgate left fans wondering who of the Catching Fire characters is “eccentric and electric” and who could possibly be the “Capitol Tastemakers.” At first, I thought pe[...]

Review: Source Code

— by ADAM POYNTER — Mystery, chase, suspense and time displacement are all served up in director Duncan Jones’ “Source Code.” In the movie, Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a decorated army pilot fighting in Afghanistan. He wakes up on a train bound for Chicago[...]

Watch the First Five Minutes of ‘Source Code’

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — So far, everything I have read and watched about “Source Code” seems to be just right. If you haven’t watched the trailers, “Source Code” is a new science fiction movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan. After watching the f[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Source Code’

— by CHRIS HYATT — Every so often, I can’t help but wonder what some of my favorite television shows would look like if they were movies. Unfortunately, the shows I like tend to stay on the air for only a season, two if they’re lucky. As such, one could imagine my surprise wh[...]

Cameras Roll on ‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close’

Principal photography is underway on Warner Bros. Pictures’ feature film adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s acclaimed novel “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.” The film stars Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks, and is being directed by Stephen Daldry (“The[...]

A Clip from ‘Source Code’

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — Jake Gyllanhaal is giving the action genre another go with his latest film “Source Code,” a sci-fi thriller about a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers he’s part of a mission to find a bomber of a Chicago commuter train. Unfort[...]

If I Was Making … Bond 23

— by BEN FOWLER — FUN! FUN! FUN! If the Bond franchise became my baby, that would be the buzz word for production. Of course, I still want the edge-of-your-seat action set pieces and slobber-knocker fight scenes. But one thing that has been noticeably missing from the recent[...]