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Under Review: ‘MacGruber’

— by ROB COX — “MacGruber” is a sobering reminder of one of my own basic tenets for reviewing film: an “upper decker” [joke] in the trailer does not a classic comedy make. Sometimes, as with the “MacGruber” trailer, I forget that sage guideline and find myself all a-flutter o[...]

The Top Five SNL-Related Movies

— by CHRIS HYATT — I was watching TMZ this evening when a commercial for “MacGruber” came on. Another overrated summer comedy, I thought to myself. And then, during the obligatory one-word positive accolades from somewhat credible media sources, I saw this: “The best SN[...]

Three Red-Band Clips from ‘MacGruber’

— by ALLISON HIGGINBOTHAM — “Saturday Night Live” has experimented a few times with bringing re-occurring sketches to the big screen and has experienced varying levels of success with them. Their latest addition, “MacGruber” (based off sketches that parody “MacGyver[...]

Poster Peek: ‘MacGruber’

— by ROB COX — With few exceptions, “Saturday Night Live” skits don’t translate well to the big screen. The biggest reason for that, I think, is the short, almost-gimmicky nature of the average SNL skit. SNL writers, generally speaking, probably don’t consider later adapt[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘MacGruber’ (Red Band Version)

— by RACHEL COYNE — Making movies based on “popular” “Saturday Night Live” sketches is a tradition that goes back nearly 30 years (I leave it to you to define “popular” on your own terms here). But for every “The Blues Brothers” and “Wayne’s World,” there are dozens[...]